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To all American Kiters:

The American Kiteboarding Association is your link to international representation in Competition Kiteboarding.  The initial goal was to meet the requirements and get a vote for USA and subsequently a voice within the International Kiteboarding Association “IKA”.

We are a non-profit 501 c3 and have paid all membership fees to the IKA. Now all we need is member support.

The AKA has been a critical part of the kiteboarding and kiteracing community in the United States and Worldwide.

We have a great opportunity to figure out where and why all the recent course and rule changes are coming from and get our groups opinions heard before it gets out of hand. Lets get together and keep the sport going in the right direction!

If you would like to join and have a voice with the AKA “American Kiteboarding Association” please submit a 50 USD membership fee to Paypal for 2017 membership:

Please also fill our our registration form link. Registration Form

The membership fee goes to covering the startup costs of our non-profit, website and IKA membership fee’s. You will also be invited to join our American Kiteboarding Association Exclusive Facebook Group.

Thanks again for making this happen as a group,

Andrew Koch

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