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2018 Kite Foil US Nationals –

September 28, 2018

A blustery northwest breeze ushered in the races of the 2018 US Kite Foil National Championships on Friday, September 28. Hosted by Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club and Windy City Kite Sports at Montrose Beach the racecourse is being set quite close to the shoreline, offering stunning race views to the joggers and field trippers of Margate Park and Uptown. As sailors fly by on their colorful kites and performance hydrofoils it’s hard to grasp the power and precision that is being displayed. But it “sure does look cool!” said one race observer. Traveling at speeds of over thirty knots it was wild riding in the variable 10-18 knot offshore breeze. “The wind was a little shifty and you could get caught in a gap (of low wind)” said Event Chairman/Racer, Valen Smith. “Simply sailing straight let alone getting through the maneuvers on the foil can be tough in conditions like that.” This is the kind of racing that can certainly test a sailor’s mettle. Similar to the current challenges being offered in premier and Olympic sailing; races close to shore, with tricky wind and short courses. At seven minutes long (.55nm, two-laps) there is very little room for error. Every single move can make or break your result in the race. Points leader Denis Taradin of Malibu, CA opened the series with three race wins but scored third in Race 4 after a simple fall off the foil and struggle to restart. Amil Kabil of Alameda, CA sits in second and leads the Grandmaster results. Followed in third by Michael Brodeur of Montreal, QC who leads the Men’s Open Division. The leading female competitor is Kirstyn O’Brien who rung up a top 5 finish in Race 2. “I was overstood a bit on the right side but a favorable shift came my way as I approached the top mark and I just squeaked around. Honestly my goal was simply to finish all the races today, so the fifth was just great!”

Racing was cut short through the weekend due to light winds. Competitors vying for championship titles along age and gender classifications sailed to victory on Day 1 which completed the event. To learn more about kiteboard racing and to see a listing of events go to Subscribe to our Facebook and Instagram pages for up to the minute coverage and announcements from the American Kiteboarding Association.

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